Social prescribers!


Welcome to your entry page to Our Health Directory and its Self Care Toolkit. If you are a Link Worker, prescribing physician, or other health professional with an interest in offering your patients more self care options, there are pages on this site that you both may find useful.


The material presented has been thoroughly assessed by experts in clinical practice with academic backgrounds, who are not promoting any products or personal theories.  As far as possible we direct people to published evidence or independent authorities of standing. In areas where the evidence does not match widespread traditional practice we attempt to distil the most plausible approaches and identify the safest best used paths.


In all cases safety is the first requirement and recommendations for self care are always secondary to health professional assessment. Individual self care approaches in the Toolkit are each rated for safety.


This site is recently launched and will remain uncompleted. It is always open for feedback. If you spot any gaps or mistakes, and in particular if you have new evidence or resources that we should list please let us know. We are particularly interested in keeping our Toolkit updated. Significant contributions here will be acknowledged.


This page will be extended to provide other services and links to other useful sites for social prescribers. We will soon have options to order handouts and other useful materials for your patients. In the meantime use the ‘Requests’ field and we will get back to you..


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Thank you for your interest.


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